Vintage furniture

NOTE: We put newly refurbished vintage furniture up for sale every week, but they often sell out quickly as they are unique, where there is only one of each!

Furniture for sale is always at the top of the page here.

At miomio vintage, we are passionate about a more sustainable lifestyle. We breathe life into old furniture because we love their aesthetics and charm and because it makes sense for us to recycle.

We refurbish and paint exclusively with environmentally and health-friendly products that have the European flower mark (corresponding to the Danish swan mark). We have a love for beautiful colors and usually mix our paints ourselves. The color of the furniture is therefore rarely exactly the same and our restored vintage furniture is all unique.

We spend a lot of time finding, selecting and restoring vintage furniture in good quality and with fine details. We reuse everything as far as possible, but also use newly produced brass handles and hand-painted porcelain handles from Denmark.

There is regular furniture for sale, but since these are unique items, there is only one of each piece of furniture.